Philosophy in the Community runs tonight

I have other plans this evening, but here’s the talk info:

“Lots of Living to Do, Death at any Moment: Time in Narratives of Cancer and Aging”

Professor Ulrich Teucher,
Department of Psychology, University of Saskatchewan

While cancer may strike at any time, it is primarily an illness of people growing older. Yet, hardly anything is known about the difficulties with which cancer patients struggle as they try to make meaning of their experiences. Particularly as cancer patients grow older, time becomes more of the essence: the uncertain certainties of endings – of lives and cancer narratives – can elicit a new generativity, rebelliousness, and sense of time. Bonds, whether established or newly created, familial or in work, are celebrated and extended into a transcendent, timeless future (“The end is my Beginning”, Terzani 2008). The qualitative study that I will be reporting about is grounded in an interdisciplinary framework of concepts of aging, time, and mortality, using Interpretive Description (Thorne 2008), informed by Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (Smith 2009) and a Therapeutic Psychopoetics (Teucher 2000), to explore interviews with 20 aging cancer patients and advocate for a better understanding of their needs.

Same location as usual:

St. James Church Basement
609 Dufferin Avenue

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