Obama makes headlines for National Prayer Breakfast

Big whoop, is all I think about it. Prayer breakfasts in general, I mean. Promotion of religion by state officials is something the majority of atheists would like to see stopped, however. Last year in Saskatoon several Freethinkers sent letters to the editor about the need to end the Mayor’s prayer breakfast. It’s coming up again pretty soon and this year we’re thinking of sending a couple people to a town meeting to ask nicely. It will go ahead as usual, of course, but at least we’ll get our say and a soundbite on television possibly.

Onto Obama:

Social justice, humility and “to walk closer with God” are President Obama’s daily prayers, he told the National Prayer Breakfast this morning.

In a speech laced with Scripture, he initially covered familiar ground, noting how he came from a non-religious family that, nonetheless, showed him “the imperative of an ethical life and the necessity to act on your beliefs.” Then through his work as a community organizer he says, he “came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior.”

Now, he says, “The presidency has a funny way of making a person feel the need to pray.”

After such a nice comment suggesting his non-religious parents were good role models and teachers despite lack of belief, it’s a pity he had to claim he found Jesus.

the heart of his speech was to detail his prayers from the general to the specific.

From, “Lord give me the strength to meet the challenges of my office…” to “Lord, give me patience as I watch Malia go to her first dance where there will be boys. Lord, let that skirt become longer as she travels to that dance.”

Let me just butt in here and say it’s amusing that the President of the United States of America would somehow have no say over how his own 12 year old daughter should dress.

His morning prayer “when I wait on the Lord” is to ask the Lord for strength, and each night, he said, he asks God to forgive his sins and to look after his family and the nation.

I must work and sacrifice and serve to see (these prayers) answered, but I always say these prayers knowing the act of prayer is a source of strength, a reminder that our time on earth is not about us…

This is far from the first time Obama has spoken of his upbringing, how he found Christian faith, how prayer sustains him or unfurled quotes from Job, Isaiah and other beloved Bible passages.

Yet no matter how often he shows he’s a daily-prayer, Bible-reading believer, some in the public still doubt his Christian faith. What difference does it make if we run a “Christian-enough” test on this or any other president?

I wish fewer people thought it was necessary for a president to display any proof of faith, myself, but I doubt that’ll ever happen. The voters seem to think it matters so the President is stuck in a position of making it look like it matters, whether he truly believes it’ll matter or not.

A president should not endorse a religion, even if he’s a devout believer in it.

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  1. He should be promoting literacy 1st & foremost above anything, but that is only my opinion 🙂

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    And science education on top of that. I think it was in a Bill Nye interview I read recently, something about the need for kids to fall in love with science early. And it’d help a lot to have more science teachers embracing evolution as the better explanation but whole swaths of them are willing to suggest creationism ought to be given equal (or more) class time. Then he said they should put intelligent design in history class with the flat earth crap and other things people used to believe instead.


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