Christians can still be talented…

The post title is a remark I make about this odd story I came across involving a school talent show and a boy who wanted enter the competition with a Jesus song and dance. Initially the school felt the choice of Christian rock music was too religious but the parents of the fifth grader freaked out and filed against the Los Angeles Unified School District.

According to the lawsuit documents, Superior Elementary Principal Jerilyn Schubert said the dance routine was “offensive” and would violate the separation of church and state.

I’d love to see how offensive a grade five kid singing about Jesus could get. I side with the parents on this, though, and fail to see how a kid’s song in a talent contest violates anything. It’s not a teacher branding his students with crosses or putting giant god posters all over his classroom. It’s entertainment.

Assuming I’ve got the right Christian song called “We Shine” I can provide some of the lyrics:

And now is the time for the people to rise
Lift up a shout, everybody cry out
Raise your voice, shout out a noise
And dance a dance of joy

We are the redeemed
We are the ones who are free
And we belong to Jesus
We are now alive
And in this world we will shine
Cause we belong to Jesus

The spirit of God is freedom rings
So come on, come on throw off your prison chains
We’re liberated by the King only freedom remains
For the people of God, yeah, the people of God

We’re livin in kingdom that will never end
We’re livin in the power that defeated sin
So come on everybody let your praise begin
Cause Jesus is alive and He’s comin again

And it goes on. I’d be pained to sit through a routine featuring that stuff, but the kid’s supposed to be judged on his ability to sing and dance right? That doesn’t mean a person has to focus on the lyrics. I could see a problem if the kid wanted to use some disgusting lyrics from a rap number, obviously, but this?

I hope the kid has good luck on the 4th at his talent show. And I really hope it doesn’t turn out that he’s completely untalented but gets picked to win this thing anyway because the school doesn’t want his parents coming down again to claim a case of religious persecution.

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  1. I can’t see what all the noise is about here. Anyone should freely be able to sing & dance about anything they want to, without repercussion.

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