“I would imagine it’s a miracle”

I would imagine it’s a load of crap, but that’s not stopping patrons at a library in Ohio from insisting a Virgin Mary statue is weeping.

The statue of Mother Mary crying inside Our Lady Queen of Reading religious lending library is bringing tears to some visitors’ eyes.

“I believe it’s true. They were there. I saw them. It’s true. I would imagine it’s a miracle,” said one visitor from Amberley Village.

Television cameras were not allowed inside, but visitors snapped photos of the Virgin Mary.

There are two tear drops on her face, one rests on her chin, the other on her cheek.

There is another statue of Jesus sitting at the top of the stairs with tears falling from its eyes.

“I heard about it on the radio and I didn’t think much of it. Being here at work and we saw the lineup of people. Out of curiosity I went over and looked and its unbelievable. It’s forming. The tear is there. It does not look like it’s water or anything. It’s real weird, very weird,” said Gayle Walker from Reading.

Most want to believe what they see.

And they’ll never let some researcher from a university or hospital take a sample and test it, either. According to the story, the shop owner has claimed he wanted to keep the news of this secret. That sounds like the quickest way to get the news out, if you ask me. This kind of stupid thing? Of course they’ll spread the word around to everyone they know and mob the place.

“You hear about it in other countries and then it’s here in Reading of all places. It is a miracle. I think something will come of it, hopefully, something good,” Walker said.

While at the shop, several stories about the tears were shared with WCPO.

Some say they started to form about a week ago when a visionary visited the library.

Someone else said they started after a rosary, which belonged to The Rev. James Willig, who died nearly 10 years ago, was placed in her hands.

Whatever is causing the tears, it’s bringing smiles to many peoples’ faces.

If I were the owner, I’d be smiling, too. Maybe the library was suffering from low circulation and wanted to outfit more people with library cards. Maybe the place is at risk of closure due to lack of use and some press is just what it needs to stay open a while longer. I don’t know about you, but I’d believe that before I’d believe a statue started crying.

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