Promises promises…

Sometime last year I’d gone with a friend to a lecture at the university by a speaker who’d done some interesting research into the nature of oaths and the history of swearing. I don’t remember what her name was anymore but I’d written a quick blurb about the lecture somewhere on our Freethinker meetup site the next day and then thought no more about it — until last night, when the leader of our group let me know she was thinking I could elaborate on that idea for next month’s meeting.


I’m willing to do it, of course, and already found a few sources of info I can use to get started, but I also promised the folks I’d be home that weekend, so either I tell the Freethinkers that March would work better, or I cut my family visit short. I’ll get that sorted sometime today, hopefully, so I won’t let either side down.

Edit Jan 31/11 — All set. I let our Chief Noodle know I wouldn’t be available for February so I can do the oath project in March instead. Next thing will be to find out how long a talk she expects me to make on this subject so I don’t over/under do the work..


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