Oh say, can you see Virgin Mary in a taco, baby?

Sorry, it’s a tortilla:

While heating up some tortillas Tuesday afternoon, a mother in Starr County, Texas, says she was surprised when some unexpected visitors turned up in her kitchen — the Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus.

Melinda Solis told ValleyCentral.com she was warming up flour tortillas for her sons after school when her mother pointed out a large brown mark on one of the tortillas that looked like an iconic image of the religious figures.

Solis says she plans to save the tortilla — but the mother of four isn’t sure yet whether she’ll ask a priest to look at it.

Personally, I like the image I found in my own french toast once, Gandalf giving Frodo the one ring:

Gandalf and Frodo on French toast

Point being, human beings are very good at seeing things that aren’t really there. And people are also very good at creating news stories where there’s nothing newsworthy to report…


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