2 debates worth noting

Locally, at least. Last night there was a debate going on in Regina regarding religion and faith. I don’t know all the details of what went on in terms of arguments but tonight there’s another one here in Saskatoon at the University called “Does God Exist?” It starts at 7pm and costs $10 to attend. Location is the Arts building, room 143. George Williamson (Professor of Philosophy, University of Saskatchewan) will be speaking for the atheist/Freethinker side of things this evening. Said he in an email about last night’s debate:

The whole debate went off with a fair bit of humor and good cheer. I think I acquitted myself well, though of course there are some major limitations with the case I finally went with. I at least enjoyed myself, walking a thin line with some smart-ass, barbed comments gently delivered. We were supposed to do a short interview with a local TV station but they didn’t show up until the debate was in full swing. There was a mention of it on the 6 o’clock news apparently, with some shots of the debate from the back of the hall, but I never saw that.

Neither did I. I didn’t even remember there was a debate going on over there. Clearly I’m letting the side down… I’ll be at tonight’s thing, though, and will take notes for a post about it later. George will be facing off against Dr. William Lane Craig, Research Professor of Philosophy from Talbot School of Theology, Biola Univeristy.

Should be good.

edit 4:53 pm: in Regina, George debated Michael Horner. Tonight’s debate is hosted by Campus (Crusade) for Christ and university students won’t be charged to attend provided they bring their student cards. The $10 charge is for the rest of us. I’m looking forward to it and my iPod is charging right now; it’s so easy to keep notes on that thing.

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