Mormons sure know how to have fun…

Depends how you want to define fun, obviously. I found an article from the Mormon Times announcing a new family play exhibit at the Church History Museum focusing on the history of the Mormon church and its Latin American members. It’s delightfully called A Book of Mormon Fiesta: A Latin American Celebration.

Some of the fun lined up for the little kiddies:

As children hop aboard Nephi’s ship, they can recount the journey and play with a replica of the Liahona [a brass ball with spindles, supposedly used to guide and navigate Lehi and company to the new land]. As they play with the magnet board, they can relive the story of Enos praying. As they build a temple out of foam blocks, they can learn about Christ’s visit to the Nephites. They can also see a replica of the gold plates, try to lift them and see how heavy they actually were.

Plus, they can pretend to be Latin Americans. ¡Olé!

The exhibit is the perfect opportunity to either introduce families to another culture or to reinforce what they already know about Latin American culture. As visitors meet the people in La Plaza, Juan, Camila, Rual and others tell inspiring stories of faith in both English and Spanish.

Reinforce a few stereotypes and zany beliefs while they’re at it, too, no doubt. But at least it’s free…

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