You scream, I scream, we all scream for Jesus?

A new business got approval in California recently, Ice Cream for Jesus. It’s the invention of Olivia Lopez Grajeda, a woman who had trouble getting a permit for her business on account of a drug possession conviction in her earlier days, among other things. Meth addiction was her downfall, but she’s over it.

“I made a mistake, “Grajeda told the council.

She even voluntarily offered to submit to monthly drug tests should the council approve her request. The council did not take her up on her offer on the drug tests.

Since her arrest Grajeda has reversed course. She has completed a degree in criminal justice and has dedicated her life to warning others – especially youth – of the dangers of meth and drug use.

That is why she intends to use her ice cream business where feasible to educate youth about the dangers of drugs.

While driving the streets of Manteca she won’t pass on anti-drug information unless asked about it. She believes the signs on her van – including “meth destroys, God restores – will prompt inquiries. Grajeda is hopeful though that her ice cream van used at church and community functions such as the Crossroads Street Fair will encourage an open dialogue especially since she intends to have various anti-meth and anti-drug material available at such times.

Anti-meth and pro-god, of course. I don’t think it does a person any favours to trade one obsession for another, myself. The article doesn’t state that she’s a born-again Christian or anything, but if her faith faltered during her troubles it’s certainly back in force now.

I approve of the desire to warn kids off the drug path before they harm themselves, though. It’s just unfortunate that people assume a life under god’s rule is the only way to avoid it. And if you haven’t avoided it but want to get out, 12 step religious mumbo jumbo doesn’t have to be the only way to get help, either. Two places I found that offer secular aid for addicts: Rational Recovery and SMART Recovery.


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