Religious apologists have their hands full

GhanaWeb has a list of 50 questions regarding the existence of God and invited people to answer them. I’ll list a few of the questions here.

13.Many Christians believe that God is a thinking being, that he solves problems and makes a way for them when troubles come. Does God Think? If God is thinking, did he know his thoughts before he thought them? If so, again, where is his freewill and how is God thinking at all if everything seems to be one uncontrollable action/thoughts. This author would say a God cannot think at all. To do so, would strip him of omniscience. Thinking is a temporal process.

17.Does God know his own future decisions? If God is all-knowing he actually shouldn’t have any decisions to make at all. Nor can he choose anything over something else. For that would mean that he is neither omniscient nor omnipotent. In fact, he can’t even think if this is the case. Since he can’t DO anything, he might as well not exist.

37.Ten to twenty percent of all women who discover they are pregnant suffer a miscarriage. Also, it is estimated that anywhere from 14 to 50 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Seeing this is all part of God ‘s plan, does this make God the world’s number one abortion provider?

41.If one could prove to you incontrovertibly that Jesus and God were all human fabrications would you still believe? And why?

45.Isaiah 40:28 says, “…the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is he weary?” If this is true, why did God rest on the seventh day?

The link also includes answers someone gave to these questions. They don’t prove anything. They just show how a Christian mind can rationalize this stuff. I’ll randomly quote some of them, too.

Free will is an illusion. Everything has been preordained.

the loved ones chose to sin…

Muslims will burn in hell because they do not go through Jesus Christ.

Fossils? What are those? A ‘pocket science’ construct to push the devil’s agenda.

It’s complicated. You need the Holy Spirit in you to figure that one out.

I will still believe. Because on your deathbed, you just have to believe that there is something else or else you’ve lived for nothing. It’s crazy I know, but you have to be on your deathbed to understand this one.

There had to be a blood sacrifice. God loves blood.

he just wants to see the blood. Women’s periods are an abomination to him so he needs a way to get a constant supply of blood. So to speak.

you know how water boils at 100 degrees while, say, a stone just stands there? Exactly. The soul has its own boiling point, and it aint gonna be pretty!

I’ll only believe what the Holy Bible says.

Contradiction after contradiction after contradiction, and when he can’t think of a good answer he just writes about “the way the cookie crumbles.” Why is it like that? Because it is. Case closed, sing hallelujah. Why aren’t you converted already you sinner? There’s no flaw in my argument…

Well anyway, read through the rest of the Q and A if you feel like it. Answer some of them here if you feel like it. I think everything should be open to questions like these..either so we can understand better, or rid ourselves of the nonsense altogether.


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