If “Jesus is Alive and Living in Australia”…

he had the whole ocean to walk on. Why did he have to flood the place?

Anyway, while I dislike the title of this article, I’ll still quote from it. At the time of writing, 50,000 Brisbane residents had signed up as volunteers to aid the stricken. And,

Christian leaders from various churches and states have also joined together to call for a National Day of Prayer for those affected by floods in all states. The death toll in Queensland now stands at 15, with 61 missing and many of these feared dead. The water has left 26,000 homes affected with 11,900 homes completely underwater.

The volunteers will do more to help than prayer will. That’s for damn sure.

Warwick Marsh from The Australian Christian Values Institute said, “The people of Queensland have suffered a horrific disaster and it is time for concerned Christians to give as never before. That’s what this National Day of Prayer is all about.”

A National Day of Prayer is about sitting on your ass when you could be doing something useful.

Pastor David Macdonald from Toowoomba who was helping the flood victims and counseling grief stricken families, told Warwick Marsh, that he had been working around the clock for the past 72 hours since the flash flood roared through the streets of Toowoomba sweeping away all in its path.

Warwick Marsh of The Australian Christian Values Institute is encouraging all Australians to participate in the National Day of Prayer. He says: “Consider fasting for either part or some of the day. “Make sure prayers for our flood ravaged friends are said in church services. This is a great time to take up a love offering; so pass the hat around.”

He added, “Find a list of church websites that are holding flood appeals. Please pass on the message.”

What’s the point of the fasting, I ask you? Is sitting with an empty belly for part of a day somehow supposed to symbolize the real suffering of those who’ve lost everything? The only worthwhile thing in this whole article is the suggestion to donate. I hope a lot of that is going on.


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    Need some encouragement? Head over to http://www.we-are-precious.blogspot.com a christian blog for teens.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    When I need encouragement, I look to my friends and family. Also, I’m not a teenager. Maybe I still write like one though…

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