When you’re writing poetry instead of sleeping..

you may as well turn on the computer and share the damned thing.

Resurrect the past?
I can’t.

Because a moment does not last
and every blink of

takes it further away.
Even though my brain

it happened yesterday,
I must lay the ghost to rest;
it ends.

Life delivers a new
second, minute,

not a dream. Better to undo
the latch so crazy birds

nothing more

I’ll throw them through the door
so I am

What I wind up liking about this one is the fact that it works on a couple different levels. The five or so regular readers I have on the blog might perhaps catch whatever personal history references are in there (I’ve used poetry as a means of catharsis before), but one could also suggest that these lines might refer to a person realizing he or she is an atheist and ready to move forward into that new way of life.

Nifty, eh?

Well, at 1:30 in the morning it seemed nifty…

I’m also going to use this post to mention something poetry related that I don’t think I knew existed: National Poetry Writing Month. The Academy of American Poets started it up in April of 1996 to raise awareness of the need to promote creativity in all walks of life. The League of Canadian Poets got on board with this in 1999 with the intention of promoting free access to Canadian poetry at libraries.

There’s also NaPoWriMo that runs the same month, where participants aim to write poem a day. I think I’ll do that this year. It’ll be a hell of a lot easier than November’s NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, wound up being. That was like a second full time job that often encroached on my actual full time job on account of when the muse would strike. She ain’t waiting for no coffee breaks…

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3 Responses to When you’re writing poetry instead of sleeping..

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  2. Jasmie says:

    Ah, you say this can be seen as coming out as an atheist…while I had to go back to read it again and see exactly what you meant, I get it.

    However, I’d also like to add that it can generally be about coming out….in so many more things. I hosted a coming out party last weekend (for something else, not atheism) and it was so well received, I was shocked! I felt like I was hiding for far too long.

    Maybe I’ll steal your poem (but I won’t take the credit for it). It might be a good one to use for family….a little cryptic…but hey, that’s me!

  3. 1minionsopinion says:

    When I was in high school, I couldn’t see a point to poetry analysis. I was a very literal kid, I guess, but now I think I appreciate the fact that there are many ways something can be interpreted, depending on what people want to get out of it.

    Congrats and thanks.

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