To say “God raped Mary” isn’t a hate crime

It’s an theory. It’s an idea. It’s a statement that can’t be proven and doesn’t even have to be taken seriously. It’s better off ignored so blood pressures don’t skyrocket, actually. Plus, it’s not an insult on a real living individual. I don’t even think it could possibly count as defamation of a dead one.

That said, the decision to write that on signs and then post them around the Youth for Christ Centre currently under construction in Winnipeg was a stupid one.

Youth for Christ is hoping Winnipeg police will find whoever is responsible for posting small placards that state “God raped Mary” on wooden walls around its Centre for Youth Excellence development during the Christmas season.

“I had thought it’s specifically an attack against Youth for Christ. I’m not convinced of that now. I think it is an attack against Christianity,” John Courtney, the organization’s executive director, said Wednesday. “If this were any religion other than Christianity, it would quickly be labelled a hate crime.”

Courtney wonders if a pro-choice group made them, as if this was intended to be a protest against anti-abortionists but rather than find some anti-abortionists they just hung them at the Centre instead.

Why didn’t people just take the damn things down? Why is this even newsworthy? If it was actually meant to be a protest aimed at a set of beliefs, it’s done so poorly, it’d never be a useful tactic anyway. It does nothing to educate or sway a populace; it just antagonizes people. It seems to me more like some stupid childish prank than anything that should have been taken seriously. I suppose if the cops ever find out who was dumb enough to hang them, then we’ll know for sure.

Youth for Christ is worth protesting against, though. Their whole ambition is to bring the Good News to every kid they can lure in with promises of fun and convert them all to Christianity through the use this safe hangout. They’re a Christian organization and they never should have gotten a lick of public funding for their project.

In February of last year, it was suggested by some that Youth for Christ was aiming specifically at inner city Aboriginal youth for this project and likened it to the mess that was residential schools. Courtney

downplayed criticism that his group would try converting youth to Christianity at the centre.

“Proselytizing is one of those words that’s attached to the radical side of religion,” he said.

Nonetheless, the Youth for Christ website states: “As members of the Christian community, we will communicate to youth the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, showing concern for their whole person, and challenging them to become His disciples.”

It adds, “Winnipeg’s Youth for Christ ministry has a passion to reach the 60,000 young people in Winnipeg, as well as the youth in five surrounding areas, with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.”

So duh. Kids who want to skateboard or use those facilities in other ways are going to have Jesus shoved in their face as soon as volunteers there can manage it. That is their whole raison d’etre. I certainly agree that kids need a safe place away from gangs and drugs but they shouldn’t have to put up with a bunch of Jesus talk in order to get that. They are preying on a group of kids who might not have the smarts to tell them to stuff it.

In an article from June of last year, it’s reported that representatives from YoC spent time with Aboriginal groups and managed to sway them into supporting the Centre.

many aboriginal leaders expressed support for the project, it will bring much-needed programming to an area where it’s needed.

Ken Whitecloud of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs is one of the supporters.

“If they’re going to do something wrong, they’ll feel bad about it, if they have that core anchor of morals and values, which any religion teaches you,” Whitecloud said at Thursday’s sod-turning ceremony.

But you don’t need a religion at all in order to be a role model for good behaviour, and to encourage kids to embrace morals, ethics and values they can carry with them throughout the rest of their lives. Youth for Christ wants to make them all Christians and bamboozled the city of Winnipeg into giving them a monetary edge in order to do it.

I don’t have a problem with Youth for Christ wanting to build a place for kids to hang out. I have a problem with the city giving them the money and the land in order to do it. That never should have happened. No other religion would have gotten $2.5 million out of the city coffer for a similar project, that’s for damn sure.


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2 Responses to To say “God raped Mary” isn’t a hate crime

  1. mark van der wal says:

    Clearly such statements about a diety would in any Muslum country with blasphemy laws lead to severe restrictions and a resultant chill.In any case why does the person state God is a rapist such unfounded lies are hurtful God is not a rapist,never has anyone ever indicated this.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    I’ll try to remember to check back on this and see if more is ever written about it. It doesn’t really matter what they were wanting to advertise, they picked a bad way to do it. Then again, any press can be considered good press to some people. But if a pro-abortion group put them up, you’d think they’d want to take credit or advertise where a person can go to get one if necessary, not just mock a religion anonymously.

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