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In regards to Fort Worth, Texas and the Christian outcry over atheist advertising:

Christians are sometimes our own worst enemy, especially when we claim to be offended. Those pastors and concerned Christians who demanded that the transportation authority ban the atheist ads actually gave the secularists the Grand Prize. By precipitating (and, of all things, celebrating) a ban on all religious messages from this public space, these Christians surrendered Gospel opportunities simply because they were offended by an atheist advertisement. No wonder the atheists clapped.

Of course we’d clap. Christianity has long held sway on the public sphere and Christians have had so many opportunities already to witness, cajole and shove the Good News into the faces of everyone who might cross their paths whether those crossing want an earful or not. It’s laughable to think they need more ways to do that. They’ve already got giant churches on street corners all over the damn place plus radio stations, billboards, books, Chick Tracts and television networks. What the hell do atheists and humanists have?

A voice that keeps getting told to sit down and shut up, that’s what we’ve got.

Sorry, no. We’re not going to do that anymore. You lot will just have to get used to the fact that whole world does not revolve around you and never should have in the first place.


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