New year, new outlook

New calendar, too, although not really. I bought a Victorian style cat calendar for 1994 and it hangs all the time in my living room because I like the art in it. I was pleased to flip it back to January this morning and discover it matches January 2011. The last time that happened was 2005, judging by this terrific perpetual calendar chart.

I think I was 15 or so before I realized calendars could be saved and reused. It was a hell of an insight. Up until then I guess I just assumed .. well, nothing really. It was a calendar with which to note weekends and holidays, like any other kid would. Noticing a pattern above and beyond the usual order of days and months was quite a leap for me.

That is, believe it or not, my point this morning. We tend to take a lot for granted. It doesn’t always occur to us to ask questions about what it is we believe but maybe that’s because we haven’t come across a reason to start.

Now, a believer might take the “pattern above and beyond” idea and run it up their god pole and point smugly at it, but that’s not asking questions, now is it? That’s just falling back on the old habits of assumption, the habit I’d like to see more people break.

That’s all the thought I’ve got at the moment. I’ve got a draft folder filled up with crap I’ve been saving for when I’m in the mood to write. I’ll poke through that a bit later and see what still interests me. Hopefully most of it.

Which reminds me, I made a decision yesterday that I should spell the future H O P E this year. Spend less time dwelling on disappointments of my past and look for more ways to bring happiness and joy into the forefront. No, this does not mean I’ll be thumbing through a pile of self help books in order to do that; it’s just a reset of priorities. Life’s too short to do otherwise, I think.


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