This I just add for a laugh

I read FARK every day and for one of the linked articles this morning the headling was “Witch-doctor jailed for making four guys’ penises disappear. Subby suggests looking on 2nd Ave near St Mark’s Place, where all those people sell used books and other junk on the street”

The story itself is funny, but funnier still is the fact that I, little ole me, caught the lyric reference being made: King Missile’s Detachable Penis. It’s been years since I heard that song but it was a fave in university.

But anyway, the story:

The suspect, a Nigerian, facing charges of indecent assault, is alleged to have caused the disappearances of the male genitals of four persons but has pleaded not guilty.

Mohammed Assan, Abubakari Zaidu, Ahmed Lukman and Sadat Tahiru, the four victims, all residents of Damongo in the West Gonja District of the Northern regions, have been issued with police medial forms to see a urologist at the Tamale Teaching Hospital.
Earlier reports suggested that the suspect allegedly siphoned the genitals of the four but police disclosed that their genitals were intact except that they seemed to have mysteriously shrunk and could no longer erect.

But it sounds like people are still petrified that their bits are at risk and are going out of the way to avoid strangers in case mystical incantations thrown their way might result in more “missing” man parts.


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