“War” on Christmas is a misnomer

I don’t really get this whole “war on Christmas” thing that people get tetchy about this time of year. When there are requests to remove nativity scenes off government property, it’s because a government shouldn’t give special treatment to one group of citizens over everyone else. The reason why most of these stories happen at Christmastime is pretty obvious, if you think about it, but would be just as important any time of year no matter what religion was being tacitly supported by a governing body.

While Christianity may still hold sway as a majority belief position in the West, it’s not the only belief out there and it’s not the only way people are allowed to think, nor should it ever be. We’re not saying Christmas has to be banned in every home and church and store and whatever. It’s still a valid way to spend the holidays and makes the chill and dark of winter seem less dreary for a little while. I can see why people get irate when Christmas festivals get renamed to reflect a homogeneous community celebration, but really. Get a grip. It’s not the end of the world. The purpose is to stop excluding whole swaths of the populous, so if you’re getting pissed off by that, it’s a clear indication that you think you’re somehow superior over everyone else and deserve everything done your religious way, which is ludicrous.

Something else springs to mind, too. I think it’d be far better if all religiously inspired stuff was sold in specialty shops instead of being available at every secular establishment, especially when the majority of that stuff is promoting one particular belief system and ignoring the rest. How is that fair? Specialty shops would make a lot more sense. Maybe not a lot of money, but a lot more sense.

The Freethinker had a post recently about the sale of greeting cards this time of year and how so few of them are artistically religious these days. A point made there is that stores will sell what people want and if interest in secularized festive greetings has trumped the desire to see men on camels in a desert, then humourous pictures of Santa and his reindeer, or snow-filled scenery, or bow bedecked kittens are going to be on the shelves instead. Plain and simple.

Stop calling it a war. That’s all I’m wanting. It’s one of the stupidest things to get upset about anyway. People are starving in the bloody streets and people like this guy are complaining because they didn’t get a “Merry Christmas” from a clerk today. If that’s the biggest gripe you’ve got with the world we live in, then you have to be one of the biggest, self-centered jerks on the planet and to hell with you.

/end diatribe

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