“I think it’s baby Jesus at the door.”

I kind of wish these people who steal pieces of nativity scenes would do like those people did with the garden gnome and make a tourist out of him.

Oh, just had a better idea: instead of showing him having fun, he should be nicked by a group of atheists and be posed for photos where he’s reading scads of news headlines about all the crap that goes on because of that book he made strangely famous, a book he didn’t even know people would write. It’s an unauthorized biography and the unknown writers probably put a lot of words in his mouth that he didn’t say and probably credited him with stuff he didn’t do.

If he did have the ability to come back and have a look at what’s been built in his name, from churches to countries, think he’d be impressed by it all or pissed off over how his message has been repeatedly misinterpreted and used to justify so much horrible behaviour?

Something to ponder.


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