Argentine archbishop did not “defeat” Santa Claus

There are several headlines leading to this story, but I’m looking at the one from Digital Spy because the headline is especially misleading.

Organisers of a Christmas cabin in the Argentinian city of Resistencia have cancelled plans for a gift-giving Father Christmas following an attack from a Roman Catholic archbishop.

Archbishop Fabriciano Sigampa complained that initial idea of a Santa Claus giving out donated toys to poor children would distract from celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, AFP reports.

Sigampa said: “That’s not Christmas… Surely, in the coming days there will be a deluge of advertisements after they inaugurate the house where a fat man dressed in red lives. And we should not confuse Christmas with that.

“[Children] should know that, in reality, the gifts come from the efforts of their parents and with the help of Jesus.”

The plans for a Santa figure were dropped after the protest and Santa’s cabin was renamed the “House of Christmas”.

So what he really did was throw his holy weight around, bitch, whine, and complain about something he could have ignored just as easily. Boo and shame on the whole village for caving to his irate stupidity rather than tell him to get a grip and leave the display plans alone. It’s fun for the kids to believe in a little magic this time of year. But I guess the only acceptable magic is bible magic…

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