One question about this Christmas ad

I’m not knocking it. In fact I love it. It’s from a bus ad campaign running in Ireland.

I just wonder: how sharp is a halo? Picture Mary, presumably about to deliver this boy in the nature God intended. Nothing in the bible says some holy Cesarean section happened, or that God snapped his fingers and transported the kid out of his dark wet world into a bright, brimming with the scent of manure one. Think God would have done Mary a favour and made that halo delivery a pleasant experience instead of 28 hours of pain and agony?

Mind you, maybe we should just keep in mind the fact that this is advertising, and advertising often get an artistic pass for effect. It’s worth mentioning that the halo has some interesting art history and has been used to advertise all kinds of things for centuries.

Christians didn’t start representing Christ with a halo until 4th century. Prior to that, other religions and cultures made use of the motif in art to designate all kinds of gods and emperors as very great and divine. Once again, it’s a case of Christians taking stuff from other people and adopting as their own thing and only their own thing, but I digress.

As an iconographic representation of greatness, it’s had a surprising effect on advertising in general, something I never would have picked up on since I know little about that aspect of art.

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