Still on hiatus, sorry

I’ve really cut down on the amount of time spent at my computer. Of course, the time I was using is now getting put in front of the television watching movies and other stuff instead. Still, I just don’t feel like reading articles and then writing about the fact that I read them and I hate the idea of just slapping a pile of videos on instead of writing. I’d rather be honest and admit I’m too bored of writing to write right now.

I’m sure this will improve eventually.


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6 Responses to Still on hiatus, sorry

  1. dorian says:

    hello minion! i’m on writing hiatus as well. i haven’t been reading or watching currents events. it’s good to take a break sometimes. have a good hiatus and read you again soon!

  2. Get off your couch potato gluteus maximus muscle and start writing! 🙂

    Are you fired up yet? Your probably wondering who this turd is. Who cares just write!

  3. tmso says:

    I agree with T. I enjoyed your poems. You should keep writing, even if it’s drivel. Keep the juices flowing.

    I also understand the need to take a break, though. but watching TV?! Girl, at least, go on vacation. Or something. Enjoy your time off. 😉

  4. Hey TMSO,

    Just cruising around and it sounds like this poor girl is in a quandary of motivation. Maybe she should stay on the couch. Consider it research for her next story, “Life of a Couch Potato.” If she likes poems then maybe it will go something like this,,,,,

    eat, munch, drink
    eat, munch, drink
    toss, turn, open one eye.

    grab, grab, grab remote
    finger fumble, finger fumble,
    turn tube on
    yawn, WATCH, watch, WATCH


    Your poems are much better than mine. They need you!!! Otherwise, I could go on and that won’t do anyone any good. Actually, I need your help because I am about to get TOMATOED!!!!!

  5. 1minionsopinion says:

    Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster, I’ve got fans. You’ve got me convinced, too, so fine fine. Nearly regular posts to resume. After all, I’m missing all the funny war on Christmas shit by staying can I miss that!?

  6. !!!!!! SHE RETURNS !!!!!

    She staggers up off the couch, looks around. Wiping the dust of her body minionopinion says, “Sure has been awhile. Damn! I really gotta go!.” She lumbers off to the potty room, although before she would have fairytaled her way to the bathroom but all that research has left her in a state of excess.

    That is OK. Don’t fret for her folks! Food, for her, is not a necessity anymore, just writing. 100,000 words later and she will be back at her fairytale size, and a few stories to boot.

    Well, I am off to locate my next damsel in distress. Keep coming back for more as 1minionsopinion is about to come chattering forth.

    SO LONG FOLKS!!!!!

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