Today is “International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church”

…according to an ad at Christian News Headlines that leads to Open Doors USA, anyway. It’s jam packed with biased information about Christians around the world who aren’t blessed enough to be Americans or something. Don’t be thinking I’m belittling whatever suffering they’re going through in whatever country they are in. I think it sucks that beliefs clash as much as they do, that people continue to judge people by their beliefs in a god (or lack thereof) and think there really can only be one way to live and that so many people in world are, therefore, completely wrong and will only be “saved” if they convert or die.

It’s also worth noting that today is World Diabetes Day, a disease that doesn’t give a crap what faith or lack of faith you have. It’ll kill you no matter what you want to believe or disbelieve. It cannot be reasoned with or prayed away or set aside when you get bored of it. It’s not a lifestyle decision or a whim. It won’t matter how careful those people are about following every single rule prolonged survival will require them to follow, it’s still a death sentence in the end.

The first problem is likely never going to be solved. The second, though.. maybe that could be. Wouldn’t that be a better reason to celebrate a day?

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