The domestication and alienation of women

Philosophy in the Community has a lecture at the Refinery in Saskatoon tomorrow night on the topic of:

“Domestic Bliss?: The Problem of Housework and Alienation”

Is domestic labour inherently tedious, boring, and unfulfilling or is it just that way because it is underpaid and undervalued in our current capitalist economy? Is paying for domestic labour an adequate response to this devaluation? In order to answer these questions distinctions must be made between the domestic labour that is geared towards maintaining healthy, fed, and refreshed individuals (laundry, cleaning, cooking, maintaining a home) and the caring labour that takes care of dependents (children, the disabled, and the elderly). While these forms of labour have similarities, there do appear to be differences related to whether the person receiving care is unable to do the work herself. These differences will be discussed.

I wonder if there’s still a sense in feminist circles that housewives are “letting the team down” by staying home fulfilling the “traditional roles” instead of getting careers like everyone else. Are they still letting the team down by getting jobs that amount to the same workload in a career woman’s home?

It’ll be an interesting talk, methinks.

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