Regina has Freethinkers; also, biology is disgusting

Took a road trip with a few Saskatoon Freethinkers to Regina yesterday to meet up with a few locals over there who want to start their own group. I think the trouble with starting groups of any kind, let alone a Freethinker one, is getting the motivation and desire to start in the first place and figuring out where to look for answers to questions you haven’t even realized need asking yet. I was mostly along for the ride rather than to provide aid on that topic; we had three “pros” on the trip who gave those guys some good ideas and starting points so hopefully their willingness to meet with us will translate into others in Regina willing to meet with them and get the ball rolling. They’ll be on Facebook at some point and possibly kajiji for meeting announcements so if you’re in that area and keen to get involved, look them up.

Prior to that, we met with a VP of the Saskatchewan Science Centre. Justin Trottier, from CFI Canada, was keen to see what sort of work they do promoting science education in the province and our group wanted to find out if they’d be willing to do anything in collaboration with us at some point, i.e. Darwin Day/evolution stuff. If I recall correctly, it sounded as if they’d be wary of getting involved with anything overtly anti-faith and tend to keep out of the evolution displays altogether. The guy also sounded surprised to discover there were creationist leanings in this country, let alone this province. We told this to those Freethinker hopefuls during lunch. One of them works for the Science Centre and told us that he thought that level of obliviousness was fairly appalling in a VP considering the discussions he himself had overheard at the geology display over the course of working there.

After lunch the four of us returned to the Science Centre. Two of our party did a brief tour of the thing and another guy and I paid extra for the Our Body: the universe within exhibit that’s been touring. I’d been wary of checking it out because innards are not my thrill but it wasn’t as gross as I’d been anticipating. Nice for anyone interested in medicine and biology in general who cares about what all the bones and muscles are called, I guess. I didn’t have much appetite for my pulled pork supper later that afternoon, though. I don’t know why I didn’t just order a salad…

After the Science Centre we did a quick trip through the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and had a few minutes left for the Legislative Building (the carpet stories were surprisingly interesting) and then we drove to Moose Jaw for the Al Capone tunnel tour. We all got equally picked on by the cast of the show and on the way home we detoured down a dark road so we could check out the stars with a pair of high powered binoculars. I confess I didn’t see much of anything through them; I was afraid of being clumsy and knocking the tripod over or something. That would have sucked.

All in all a good and full day. I got asked again about joining our council and becoming more involved in the group that way. They’re desperate for people to take a bigger interest in that side of things. It’s a quite job to keep it running and funded and they’re all feeling overworked, I think. But, family function stuff aside, I’m not big on involving myself in the planning of things. I don’t like making myself a possible target for complaints or criticisms, either. I know I’ll feel guilty saying no, but that’s the truth of it. As much as I like the group and help them out by volunteering to work at events and stuff, I’m really more a behind the scenes kind of person than a leader and that’s all there is to it.

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