Quotable Greta Christina

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We’re atheists because, every time in history that we’ve come to a better understanding about the world, that understanding has always been one of physical cause and effect.

We’re atheists because claims from the past about miracles and so on have always come from unreliable sources, and have never once been substantiated.

We’re atheists because, over the decades and centuries and millennia, religions have risen and fallen, not because they’ve been better supported with good evidence, but for social and psychological and political reasons, entirely consistent with them being entirely made up.

We’re atheists because religion has had millennia to prove itself right — millennia in which it has dominated the intellectual and scientific discourse, for all but the past few decades — and has utterly failed.

We’re atheists because the religion hypothesis has been tested — and tested and tested and tested, and tested again, and tested yet again, and then tested one more time to be sure, and given the benefit of the doubt and tested again, and then again, and again — and has never, ever, ever panned out.

— on why atheism won’t be proven wrong the way arguments against it work today.

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4 Responses to Quotable Greta Christina

  1. Daniel says:

    Faith is not understood with the intellect. Do not lift intelligence above all other faculties. We are also creatures of emotion, spirit, will, conscience, and many other things all bound up in the need for significance. Logic is cold, and impartial, and is only part of what makes up life.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    The first sentence is the whole problem, I think.

    Why does the intellect have nothing to do with faith?

    Why does “having faith” ultimately rely on discouraging people from questioning the validity of everything they are told to have faith in?

    Why are so many people emotionally content to keep the faith instead of seeking alternatives that might actually attempt to explain why things are the way they are without resorting to supernatural non-answers?

  3. Daniel says:

    Your view of faith is wrong. Where intellect ends, faith begins. However, intellect does not just simply end, it begins a journey with faith. Together, they take a stand and evaluate all of life from that position, whether it be religious, atheist, marxist, feminist, radical egalitarianism, or radical individualism. Faith is required in all of these because none of us know without a doubt that we are right. Mankind does not have the tools to plot our course with a perfect direction, perfect skill, and perfect knowledge.

  4. 1minionsopinion says:

    My view of faith here was specific to supernatural elements, of which there is not enough proof to state with any assurance that faith in them is warranted.

    I believe that was also Greta Christina’s point, which was why I quoted it in the first place.

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