This is not evidence of a god I’d want to worship

but a man in Australia is crediting God’s good graces for getting him out of an attempted murder charge and the writer of the piece stupidly agrees, as evidenced by paragraph one:

DIVINE intervention has allowed a man, who at one point faced attempted murder over a high-speed chase where he knocked a motorcyclist from his bike and almost ran down a policeman, to walk-free.

A fucked up court system has allowed a man who’d do that to get away without any severe penalties. Not a god. But that logic is not going to get in the way of the born-again sinner.

“I had done some terrible things and faced some pretty serious time in prison, but the Lord helped me through,” he said.

He took me from the brink after I let him into my life and today I am a free man,” Barat told the Townsville Bulletin.

The 26-year-old turned to religion after spending 201 days in pre-sentence custody following his arrest in March, 2009, and the defendant, who pleaded guilty, said “his faith” was the reason why he did not serve a day more.

The attempted murder charges were later knocked down to various lesser ones and now he’s on parole. What do the motorcyclist and police officer think of this business, I wonder?

defence barrister Greg Lynham said his client had “remarkably turned his life around” from an abusive childhood, serious drug addiction, an itinerant lifestyle and a bad relationship – all because of Christianity.

“He has thrown himself into it deeply and today his Pastor and members of Life Church are in court supporting him,” he said.

“He is also in a stable and loving relationship, no longer uses drugs or alcohol and has integrated into counselling services.”

In sentencing Judge Michael McGill convicted Barat and gave him a three-year head sentence but a “fresh start” with an immediate parole release date.

For those not up on Aussie law, a head sentence is the maximum time the judge would give for that particular crime but without actually following through on it. So instead of getting 3 years in prison to think about the damage he caused and deaths he could have caused, he gets out now because he’s a new Christian and therefore a Changed Man (TM).

Again, how do those he nearly killed feel about that? Barat hopes one day they they’ll forgive him. He promises to be faithful to his new holy roller life though, and maybe he’s truly sincere about his desire to stay on the right side of the law. Time will tell, I guess.


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