Is cancer man-made?

I won’t deny there’s possibility of that, given the number of chemicals we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Researchers seem to be heading towards that conclusion, although so far it looks like all they have for “proof” that it’s our fault are samples from Egyptian mummies who didn’t die of cancer (possibly because something else killed them first).

That wasn’t going to be the point of this post, though. I found an article claiming God’s love is the only cure we need for cancer. I’m sure most doctors would disagree…

Whether a victim or an activist to breast cancer, the concerns are personal. Everyone should take this deadly disease for what it is really worth, and that is another mechanism to destroy the good that God created.

Is this an argument that the devil gives people cancer? That might be a straw man argument, I suppose. But the phrasing of it does take God out of the equation as the giver of cancer, possibly taking him out of the role of creator of cancer, too, thus making room for “the good that God created” to have created the problem in the first place. Free will and all that. Yay us.

When I was a young child, I did not ever hear of the word cancer, but today, it’s an epidemic that comes in all forms.

That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any cancer back then, though. You might have been sheltered. My folks sheltered me. I wasn’t told directly that my mother had ovarian cancer because they didn’t want to worry me during finals or something. And I was in high school at the time. I forget when I was told or finally realized that’s what was going on but I recall wondering why I wasn’t in on the news from the start. I’m sure I resented being left out of something that serious, even if it would have made it harder to concentrate at school.

When we look at the color pink from the spiritual standpoint, we know that it is nothing but good associated with it.

Pink is a combination of red and white in the color spectrum.

Red represents the blood of Jesus and white represent pureness as God is.

Oh barf.

To me, when I see pink as it is being represented by victims or activists of breast cancer, I know there is a chance no matter what the illness is because we are being reminded that by Jesus’ stripes, we are healed. So although it may attack our bodies, never give up or in to it.

Keep holding on to the hem of Jesus’ garment in hope that all things work toward good to those who love God.

Right, because only the godly deserve to be cured and the rest should just get on with going to hell or something? Yeah, that’s a straw man argument for sure, but I’m sticking to it.

Personally I’m pissed off by the co-opting of pink for breast cancer awareness, but that’s beside the point. Sort of.

I think it says a sad thing about our society when you realize that the whole reason so many companies bring out pink cancer boxes for their products is because people are consumers first and charitable givers second.

People want to support breast cancer research through what they have to/want to buy rather than cutting a cheque and eliminating these middle men. And companies are taking advantage of that because while they market the pink box to “support a good cause,” they make a profit on it. I highly doubt these companies give all the money from the pink boxes to cancer research. Why would they? They have to be able to buy their supplies to meet demand, too, and they probably sell a lot more if there’s pink on the box, which means needing more supplies. I’m sure a lot of people are buying a lot of crap they don’t even need because the boxes are pink and they want to “support a good cause.”

I avoid the pink boxes like a plague, myself. I buy nothing with a pink ribbon on it because I see it as a marketing gimmick, not real give-a-damn. If I gave more of a damn myself, I’d call some of those 1-800 numbers given on the pink boxes and quiz the company people about what percentage of the price is earmarked for donation. I wonder if it’s like McDonald’s saying they’ll give a penny for every Happy Meal sold.

Happy Meals have always played an important role in making family meal time fun and special. Our new fundraising effort gives parents another way to teach their children about the importance of helping others.”

In addition to purchasing a Happy Meal or Mighty Kids Meal, where one penny from each purchase will benefit RMHC…

Here’s a question; how many dollars will McDonald’s receive from the public before McDonald’s will give a thousand dollars to Ronald McDonald House Charity? I’d answer that, but it depends on the local price of the Happy Meal in question, which I don’t know. Bottom line, it would save everyone a shitload of money (and possible child obesity problems) if four thousand people simply dropped one quarter in a charity box. Yes?

Instead of giving via costly consumerism (thereby buying and/or eating the very chemicals that likely give us the cancer in the first place), why don’t we just give more of that money directly to the charities? Wouldn’t that make a lot more sense?

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