The One Minion Search Party vol. 42

What the hell did this mean, I wondered:


Turns out puslespil is Norwegian for problem, which led me to a pile of puzzle games I’ve never played before. (Speaking of – the post that popped up on account of this search was this one, about a dinosaur puzzle I found for sale once)

Translating it to problem + dinosaur leads me to a few interesting websites. One,, tackles the giant problem giant dinosaurs cause in terms of figuring out how the hell they could have been that huge and still mobile. It’s full of delightful math and science for those who like that stuff.

Of course, there’s also Creation Ministries’ issue with dinosaurs and their growth rate which may as well get quoted:

the new information is a help to creation, because the original paper shows that dinosaurs had a type of adolescent growth spurt—the pattern is called sigmoidal or s–shaped (Nature 412(6845):405–408, 429–433, 26 July 2001). For example, in Apatosaurus, the spurt started at the age of about five years and the growth leveled off at the age of 12–13 (see graph, right). It means that God, who brought the animals to Noah (Genesis 6:20), could well have chosen specimens He knew would undergo their growth spurt as soon as they left the Ark.

If anyone asks me today what I last laughed at, I’ll mention that. Cripes. It’s so hilarious how they have to manipulate science to make their faith work. Bill Hicks and Stephen Colbert discussed this problem at one point, too. The video for that is here.

Some scrap wood dinosaur “faced extinction” in Vermont back in July. The thing was too large and unsightly, neighbours thought. Complaints led to officials insisting the builder needed a permit for something that large on his property. The web seems to be short on updates to that, sadly, although in August some dude name Gus Jaccaci defended its existence and used a case from history as proof this was a bad idea – even worse than

the Duke of Sforza destroying Leonardo da Vinci’s 32 foot tall glorious bronze horse and melting down the bronze to make it into canons for his ill-begotten local army.”
“You are dragging the whole town through a needless disgrace to Thetford and to the free state of Vermont.”
As an aside to neighbors, Ira Allen went on to say, “At this rate of increased regulation, soon we will be issuing driver’s licenses to cows crossing roads from the pasture to the barn for the evening milking.”

FYI – He was dressed as Ira Allen at the meeting and apparently argued in character. Ira has his history wrong anyway. Da Vinci never did cover his clay horse in bronze. French armies destroyed it before he got that far. A nature preserve in Michigan has one, though, and it’s beautiful.

Amazon lists a cute kid’s book called You Can’t Buy a Dinosaur with a Dime which is apparently designed to explain money to children.

So I started with games, got into dinosaurs and ended with children. So how about a childish giant dinosaur battle game to end things?

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