“Jesus Loves the Little Pumpkins of the World!”

Sorry.. the headline of this article made me think of a song I hadn’t heard in a while.

Seven thousand pumpkins planted on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico have traveled to the pumpkin patch at Central Christian Church to delight families in the Waco community.

The proceeds from the sale of the pumpkins benefit the church’s youth and children’s ministry, said Kristin Jack, associate minister at Central Christian Church.

The church purchases the pumpkins from Pumpkins USA, an organization that provides pumpkins specifically for fundraising, and formed the patch on the lawn of the church.

Too bad they couldn’t put the money they raise into a food bank. I suspect a lot of these pumpkins will never become pies, either. Or they could donate the money to a worthwhile child charity, or purchase clothes or library books or put it toward hospital equipment or something. Instead they’ll use the money to afford mission trips and other indoctrination games for all the (appropriate) little children of Waco and area.

Talk about a waste of pumpkins.


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