Saskatchewan Library Week is almost done

but there’s still a chance to win a Galaxy Cinema gift card worth $100 if you bring your completed (or at least attempted) Power Grid to any Saskatoon Public Library.

Today’s cheats:

Visit the Library’s art gallery and name one piece of art

Today is the last day for Lynn McKenzie-Barteski’s Garden of Art display at Frances Morrison Library so I guess I should have done this square earlier this week and stopped in myself to see what was there. There might be a picture called “Swiss Chard,” judging by the advertising on the library’s website. I like eating vegetables but I can’t imagine the allure of painting them. Her other art is pretty fine, though.

Write an acrostic using the word LIBRARY

Again, you can’t steal mine, but you can use it to jump start your own creativity.

Life is complex
It’s always a challenge
But when problems seem insurmountable
Reading a book can take you away from all of that
All you need is a your library card number to
Request a getaway
You deserve it

That was fun.


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