“Jesus does not care” billboard makes people care a lot…

which was the point of advertising the website in the first place, apparently. Suffice it to say, the billboard upset a few people.

That’s a little like saying rain is wet.

“Some people have been unhappy with it because they see the phrase itself, and they don’t look past the phrase,” explained Community at Lake Ridge Pastor Brian Swiggart. “Because it is true, Jesus doesn’t care about a lot of things.”

The Community at Lake Ridge wanted some attention for its new message series about forgetting your past. The pastors didn’t expect the violent backlash.

That’s because people really want to believe the opposite of this information provided on their website:

Jesus doesn’t care who you are,
where you’ve been, what you’ve done
or how good you are. He does care
about knowing you and having a
real relationship with you.
So instead of asking what Jesus
cares about, maybe we need to ask
what Jesus does not care about.

These are people who care too much about the fact that people are gay and want to get married or want to be in the military because they want to stop gays from doing any of that.

These are people who care too much about people who support evolution over creationism and want to stop them from having control over what gets taught in schools.

These are people who care too much about Boys Scouts because they refuse to let atheists and gays in out of fear that their boys will experience different kinds of thinking and different kinds of people.

These are people who care too much about who we are and what we’re doing because they don’t like who we are and what we’re doing and think they have a god-given right to stop us.

These are people who will never be anything like Jesus and no amount of clever advertising will change that.


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