The One Minion Search Party (Saskatchewan Library Week edition)

Yeah, it’s a two-for-one special. Lucky you!

what’s the best book you ever hated

J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. I fail to see why anyone still points to it as a great work of fiction. I think it’s a book past its time. When originally published it justifiably made waves but disenfranchised youth are everywhere now. So many books, movies and television series have capitalized on that fact and I suspect that if Salinger had written it this decade, it would never reach the level of “classic.” Holden Caufield is no longer an anomaly.

Now onto the Power Grid cheat session for today. Saskatchewan Library Week is on and library users have a great chance to win a great prize.

If you print that thing off, answer as many questions/do as many tasks as you can, you can take it to any public library in Saskatoon and get it stamped, you could win a Galaxy Cinemas gift card worth a whopping $100! Who’d want to miss out on something that awesome? I forgot to check how many ballots a person can get their name on for chances to win but it occurs to me that I shouldn’t have to do everything for you. You can ask when you stop in and get this thing stamped.

Who are the members of the Library Board?

Here’s the list:

2010 Library Board:

Dr. Sue Abrams (Chair)
Yann Martel (newly appointed)
Councillor Bev Dubois (Vice Chair)
Michael Murphy
Keith Briant
Marlene Rochelle
Cheryl Foster
Cindy Sherban
Mayor Don Atchison (Ex Officio)
Zenon Zuzak, Director of Libraries, Secretary to the Board

Name one newspaper found through PressDisplay

Let me just say first that PressDisplay is a fantastic resource and I wish I’d remember to play with it more often. It features colour copies of newspapers and magazines from around the world and it’s constantly updated so the information in there is fresh at all times. It does require having your library card number handy for use as a password if you’re wanting to use it at home but once that’s done you’re sailing.

Some newspaper choices for you:

La Voix of Luxembourg:

Sportski Zurnal from Serbia:

Even our very own Star Phoenix:

Think Paris is serious? I doubt it…

More cheating tomorrow, peeps!

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