Saskatchewan Library Week day 2

As promised, more cheats for the Power Grid contest (pdf) running at all Saskatoon Public Library locations:

Complete as many of the activities as you can over the course of Library Week. Bring this “Library Power Grid” into any Branch of the Library to have the activity square stamped and to receive a ballot for a chance to win one of three $100 gift cards to Galaxy Cinemas.* The contest is open to patrons of all ages.

*Library staff and their immediate families, as well as Library Board members, are not eligible to win prizes.


First question:

Who is the Writer in Residence for 2010 –11, and what are her hours?

This year it’s Alice Kuipers and she’s available by appointment Tuesday 1-9 p.m. or Wednesday 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. It’s not part of the question but the Writers in Residence arrangement allows aspiring writers to drop in and get some tips and help from people who’ve gone through the struggle themselves. If you have a manuscript that you think needs some professional TLC, you can drop 10 pages of it off at Community Relations at Frances Morrison Library and make arrangements for some time with Ms. Kuipers. Or, you can try some of the tasks she’s set up instead and read what she puts on her website as well.

Write a limerick about the Library*

The asterisk points to a website where you can post as many of those as you want by October 25th.

My limerick (which you can’t have) goes as follows:

While down at the library I
found so many titles to try:
cookbooks, romances,
plays, “learn to dance”s
and none that I needed to buy!

Yeah, the meter seems a little rough, but no matter. At least I wrote one. See how easy that was? It took merely a minute, gang. Limericks are fun.

What is the book “Manifold Destiny” about? Look it up in the Library catalogue to find out

Search in progress: logging in, getting to Encore, discovering that lo! and behold! it’s that book about cooking on your car engine. And at this moment I’m writing, it’s listed as Available. And it looks like we only have one copy. How about that.

More cheating tomorrow, so check back. And I’ll check how many chances you’ll get to win the big prizes, ie) if they’ll give a ballot for each stamped box, or one ballot each time you show up to get boxes stamped, or only one ballot per person no matter how many boxes get stamped. With any luck, it’ll be the first one.


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