A typo leads to some amusement

I meant to hunt for “god news” like any other morning but I guess I had mail on the mind because I wound up with a list of methods by which mail can be sent if for some reason it’s impossible to contact god directly.

Yeah, I’m laughing, too.

This site allows you to email god and someone in Jerusalem will print it off and read it to a wall or something. Judging by the fact that their webcam is down and no wall pictures are available, they aren’t getting enough paypal donations to effectively run this thing, and haven’t for a while. A Kotel Cam at a different site does work, though. You can watch people pray all day if you feel like downloading Windows Media 11.

Godmail.com is thriving.. well, for advertisers of bracelets and boots anyway. You have to go 10 or more pages in before real requests for prayer are available to read. A random selection:

my mother have to do some opreaction to the hospital
i dont relly have monay to pay the amount so if posible my good
ones i relly need your help contact me to this adresss

Please god i pray to you and I want you to pray to me to get a xbox 360 this week or next week thats all the time I have amen.

I really don’t want him to break up with me because we have such a good time together, and it all goes wrong because his housemate is causing this problems.

I pray all the time I have and I ask all of you who read this to pray for us (me and my boyfriend).

Please pray for me and him.

Please pray for my husband. I am asking God to remove his desire to drink and remove his desire to be with the other woman. I am asking God to remove her from his heart. Pray for the bond between them to be broken completely. Pray that once she is removed from his heart that she will never be able to enter that place in his heart again. Please pray for God to continually convict his heart of his disobedience and the double life he is living. Please pray for God to open up my husbands eyes to see that this other woman is a distraction placed by the enemy who intends to destroy him & her. Open his eyes to see how dangerous it is to deliberately disobey God.

Who first came up with the idea that group prayer will somehow be stronger than what an individual can manage alone? Who was first to suggest an email would work as well as a prayer? Clearly none of these people have tried God’s instant messenger service, iGod.


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