Saskatchewan Library Week kicks off

The theme this year is Libraries = Possibilities and Saskatoon Public Library has a fun pile of activities and contests planned.

Print off the Power Grid if you want to participate and then you can get your name entered to win one of three grand prizes of $100 toward Galaxy Cinema (so you can watch films based on books, hopefully). I can’t play because I work there but that doesn’t mean I can’t work grid myself for fun. You can steal any of my answers to the questions (if you write them out in your own words instead of copy-pasting), but you definitely can’t steal my poetry, okay? Limericks and acrostics have to be original and if the winning entries for those were identical to mine, I’d be flattered have this blog as proof of plagiarism. And don’t ask me to put any money toward your fines. I’m sure they mean within families or to help a friend who needs a slap more than he needs a nickel. Next time return your shit promptly and you won’t have that problem.

So, a couple questions off that sheet to get you started.

What does ABE/EAL stand for?

ABE stands for Adult Based Education. These are the books and media that READ Saskatoon, or anyone else who’s wanting to help improve someone’s reading and math skills, can borrow. The library system recently decided to change the name of this collection to English as an Additional Language on account of how many patrons are from other countries and use them to get a handle on this wacky thing the rest of us might call our mother tongue.

What is Library2Go?

Library2Go is our new electronic download service for those who want to borrow audio books for iPods and phones. Browse the selections here but for the sake of yourself, read the instructions and FAQs. It won’t work with Android, apparently, so you lot are hooched and not every library (in the province) has signed up to participate in this so even if you might want to borrow something this way for convenience purposes, you may be shit out of luck.

Also, a program that might count toward a tick off that grid is happening tonight at Lydia’s Pub from 7-9:

To kick off Saskatchewan Library Week celebrations, the Saskatoon Public Library is taking story time out on the town! Join Library staff, poets, storytellers and other local performers from the community for an entertaining evening of stories, poems and comedy.

Failing that, you’ll just have to check at your local branch (and tick that on the grid if you know which one that is) and participate in something over there.

Good luck playing!


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