Saw “Let Me In” yesterday

I wrote a little about the movie that inspired it when it came out last year. I think this new English version is an adequate remake but it fell apart for me every time they resorted to very shitty CG effects for the murder and mayhem. The effects were noticeably generated to make Abby (the vampire girl) more animalistic and fast when she attacks her victims but the result made it look far more comical than tragic. The original kept the trick work to a minimum and wound up being more realistically believable – if a vampire picture can be that at all.

Something else I liked (and I can’t recall if the original did this or not) was how Owen’s mother is seen in the film, but never fully. She’s either posed with her face hidden, or obscured, or from the back, and it’s just plain crafty. She’s a non-issue in Owen’s world save for her religious leanings, something that has something to do with why Dad doesn’t live with them anymore, based on a conversation Owen has with him later.

The ending still annoys the piss out of me, though. Never mind what he might think of his mother and his current living arrangement, won’t Mom get her freak on when he doesn’t come home that day? Won’t his father? Is Abby so desperate for companionship that she lets him do this for her? She’s older than he is, she should be smarter than he is by now. What kind of logic besides 12 year old logic drives that ending?

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