I wonder how many celebrities are sincere in their faith

Besides Kirk Cameron, I mean. This article from Ministry Values turned out to be pretty entertaining. They make a point of mentioning Mark Wahlberg who has a Catholic priest vet every movie role before he signs on. Apparently J.K. Rowling doesn’t believe in magic but does believe in God. If she believes in god, then does she believe in miracles? Isn’t that much the same thing as magic, as in non-existent? Talk sense, J.K. Then there’s this bit of hooey from Denzel Washington:

“I’ve felt the hand of God on my life, no doubt about it,” Washington explains. “I remember sitting in my mother’s beauty parlor in Mount Vernon, N.Y., on March 27, 1975, and in the mirror I kept seeing this woman looking at me. I was doing so bad in school, and this woman said, ‘Somebody give me a piece of stationery! I’m having a prophecy!’ I still have that piece of paper. ‘You’re going to speak to millions of people,’ she said to me. ‘You’re going to do great things!’ And I thought, ‘Yeah, right. When’s that going to start? On Monday? I’m flunking out of school.’

“Later on, I asked my mother, ‘Who was that woman?’ She said, ‘It’s Ruth Green, one of the elder sisters in the church, who’s been known to have the gift of prophecy.’” Washington paused, then added, “That fall I started acting.”

The prophecy was correct.

Yeah, well, I’m sure you’ve heard the story about Fred Astaire.

According to Hollywood folklore, a screen test report on Astaire for RKO Pictures, now lost along with the test, is reported to have read: “Can’t sing. Can’t act. Balding. Can dance a little.” The producer of the Astaire-Rogers pictures, Pandro S. Berman, claimed he had never heard the story in the 1930s and that it only emerged years later. Astaire later insisted that the report had actually read: “Can’t act. Slightly bald. Also dances”. In any case, the test was clearly disappointing, and David O. Selznick, who had signed Astaire to RKO and commissioned the test, stated in a memo, “I am uncertain about the man, but I feel, in spite of his enormous ears and bad chin line, that his charm is so tremendous that it comes through even on this wretched test.”

She could have just as easily been wrong and Denzel only remembers this pronouncement because he lucked out with his acting career. How many ludicrous things had that woman said in the past that never came true and were conveniently forgotten?

There’s more junk in the article about other actors and their “unknown” (until now!) religious proclivities. It’s not really that interesting though. I guess the only reason to print this thing was to reassure Christians that they are well represented in Hollywood, as is the way they think it should be for ever and ever amen and shit. Then there’s this laughable bit at the end:

acknowledging the good that Christianity can inspire, in both the personal triumphs of life and in the creative process associated with those triumphs, is something that our mainstream press is sure to avoid. It would, after all, constitute breaking an unthinkable rule in our secular media culture: presenting the Christian faith in a good light instead of scandalizing it.

I think that if you consider how pro-faith the whole of America is despite secular media, this statement holds no water. Seen any news about people running for government over there lately? And a quick Google for god or jesus news nets you quite a fine assortment of pro-faith articles. That’s how I find most of what I want to complain about on any given day, actually. That’s how I found this article, too.

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