Hitchens and Blair to debate the good of religion

The Munk Debates are something I’ve never heard of before. According to the website the apparent intention is:

to provide a lively and substantive forum for leading thinkers to debate the major issues facing the world and Canada.

I realize also that the point of these debates is to generate more than a little ticket income, hence the invite of the faith promoting past Prime Minister of Great Britain and a renown atheist author.

Looking at the past debates and invited guests, not a lot of them are Canadian, or related specifically to Canadian issues. Maybe that doesn’t matter all that much but I wonder if part of it is because Canada isn’t considered a powerhouse that generates much in the way of intellectual fame, even by Canadians that are in a position to highlight smart and savvy Canadian thinkers who are knowledgeable about the topics selected. Or we do have people that could do it, but not enough regular people know who they are so wouldn’t pay $80 let alone $25 to listen to them?

Hopefully I’ll remember to catch this debate via CBC Radio 1’s Ideas when it’s available. I could afford a ticket to the show but I sure as hell can’t afford the ticket to fly to Toronto to see it.


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