Based on results, we know this isn’t accurate

Godlessgirl played with it yesterday and I gave it a try myself: this site,, takes a portion of your blog (or any site) and rates its writing style and perceived “mood” of the author. I came across as a female between 66 and 100 years old and “personal and upset most of the time.” Bummer.

It rates based on merely 10 posts with “enough English words,” but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to jolly things up a little more sometimes. It does get a little dark and dreary in here so I’ll see if I can work on that.


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One Response to Based on results, we know this isn’t accurate

  1. George W. says:

    Yeah, so I’m a male, 66-100 who is academic and upset.
    Who are all these 66-100 year olds with blogs?
    Is my age determined by a dearth of “lol”s, “roflmao”s, and “tl;dr”s?
    At least it seems to get gender correct, my upset vs. happy meter was at almost exactly 50%, yet I’m upset “most of the time”?

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