What did I miss?

Six days without topical posts seems too long to leave a little blog sit. But since I made a point of noting the need to wear purple on October 20th before I left on holiday, I wasn’t without hits.

But, what else was worth a mention while I was away from high speed? A quick tour through my usual “sources” finds more than a few interesting things, in no particular order:

The Christian right within Michigan is appalled that bullying is taking place, but adamant that being gay is still one hell of a damnable sin and they don’t want educators promoting “it’s okay to be gay” in schools in case properly heterosexual kids want to try it on like a dress and never take it off again.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino went so far as to call that education brainwashing right there on the television (at least three times) as he defended comments he made during a speech to a Brooklyn Hasidic congregation.

Camels With Hammers quotes comments made by Ratzinger regarding his opinion of gays and gay-right groups and the governments that condone their actions like they aren’t the the biggest damn sinners on the planet. Heaven forbids it so why don’t presidents, was his apparent beef at the time.

But enough about that for today.

A few of the local Freethinkers went down to Los Angeles to partake in the Council for Secular Humanism conference this past weekend. I’m sure that was a good time. From the LA Times:

Such a debate “would have been incomprehensible 10 years ago,” said Tom Flynn, executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism, which held its 30th anniversary meeting at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. But the 9/11 attacks and a growing interest in atheism have emboldened the in-your-face wing of the movement and led to internal debate and dissension.

There was also a convention in Montreal recently, that more of our Freethinkers flew down to attend. All I wound up seeing written about that was something P.Z. Myers wrote about some oddball that’s been pestering him and was seen there. Odd to find no news write ups about what actually went on. Is it weird that journalists in a city the size of Montreal can’t be bothered to write up anything about it?

Churches wish to take credit for the rescue of the Chilean miners, but which one ought to win the right to call it their miracle and advertise it? Who gives a crap? At least they’re getting saved earlier than experts were suggesting in the first place. How about three cheers for a stellar drill team instead, and top notch help keeping the guys as healthy down there as was possible?

In other news, a Kentucky group is crying about the slapdown they got after wanting their state to approve an “In God We Trust” license plate. Their religious intentions were obvious based on their website, and that was enough to deny their request. They claim they just want to improve “decency.” No answer is forthcoming about how a religious motto on a license plate improves that.

A man who thought he was god (and “the smartest guy in the world,”) thought it was a good enough reason not to expect to get in trouble with the law after his reckless driving wrecked several vehicles.

Edit Oct 13/2010: Secular News Daily offers up an even more interesting list of links to stories I missed. Stories probably a lot of people missed. Check those out, too.

same day, later: done more reading on Planet Atheism and found out about Walmart selling an religiously inspired anti-gay book likening the whole gay movement to an elephant stampede. Or something. And several sites have mocked Insane Clown Posse that recently came out as fundamentalist Christians in spite of their horrible violent lyrics (here’s PZ’s take). Fucking fundamentalist Christians! How do they work!?

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