A clever method to bash the bible

Lock them up so people can’t read them. Niko Theris did that, and more, to honour International Blasphemy Rights Day in his town.

One had nails hammered into it in the shape of a cross; another was secured with a nut and bolt; another had a chain link with a padlock on it.

Police officers photographed the Bibles and investigated the Blasphemy Day link, but did not connect them to Theris.

When the Coastline Pilot contacted Theris, who is active in an atheist group, he readily admitted that he was responsible for them.

“The Constitution gives me the right to express myself,” Theris said. “I wanted to make the point that it should be OK to ridicule religion.”

Theris said he was trying to create “safe scriptures” by making it impossible to open some of the Bibles. Others had holes drilled into them to indicate that, “You can see through them,” Theris said. He said atheist friends had collected the Bibles, mostly from hotel rooms.

“It was a lot of work, but it was fun,” he said.

The Bibles were placed on public benches and street corners, but not on church grounds, Theris said.

“I tried to stay away from private property,” he said.

Interesting that police got involved, eh? Who got their panties in a bunch enough to call cops about it? That’s proof there is a problem with religion as an institution. It could have been treated like a gag but instead the law had to get involved in case it was a “hate crime” or something, I suppose. Pathetic.

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