Now I see why they’ve added pole dancing to fitness class

I was out at Saskatoon’s DEVIATE 2010 – Erotic Expo & Ball last night. Besides Nina Flowers and other drag queen musical numbers (the gal from Edmonton was better than Flowers, I thought), there were demonstrations and routines done to promote other groups in the city: Rosebud Burlesque did some dance numbers; an erotic fashion show featured outfits available via Positive Passions (link under construction); and the local fetish club, Saskatoon Saskatchewan Kink (site requires membership) showcased their tastes a little.

There were two other groups of girls that danced as well, but I don’t recall their names anymore. I was most impressed by the sensual gymnastics provided by the pole dancing girls. They really showed off their arm strength, abs, and flexibility. The one girl was able to swing her body off the pole and hang there like a flag in the wind. The other one defied gravity as well by climbing up the pole while upside down, and I think she did something like the splits once she got near the top, too. They cleared up every stereotypical idea I had about women who’d do “that sort of thing.” I’m pretty sure it could still get kind of “done for money” scummy, but they treated their routines as professionally as any other gymnast would treat her sport, and made it look respectable. Alluring and respectable.

I had some “ick” moments watching the fetish stuff, though. Considering there are women all over the world who deal frequently with mental and physical abuse by their boyfriends and spouses over all kinds of perceived wrongs, it seems weird that women would seek the same abuse for kinky fun. Butt slaps and spankings seem pretty demeaning, no matter how much play acting (“I’ve been a bad girl, baby”) is going into it. Worse though, was the bit with the girl who crawled around on the floor like a dog begging for treats, chain and everything.

They can do what they want, obviously; they’re consenting adults (unlike the truly abused women). Chacun à ses goûts. The whole point of their group is to let them be free to explore that area of sexual/physical expression without fear of judgment from the general public. I just don’t know if I’d feel comfortable doing any of that (although maybe I’d think differently if it were me holding the leather whippy thing..). It’s nice to live in a wide world of choices, though. Yes indeed. I pity the folks who don’t agree.

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