The One Minion Search Party – Zeus fetish check up edition

Last year, I decided to write about an interesting collection of search results. Zeus was a strangely popular figure, I’d discovered, and the same has held this year somewhat. Here’s the updated list of search results:

george washington zeus 43
zeus is satan 42
zeus satan 41
is zeus satan 33
george washington zeus statue 32
zeus lucifer 6
artemisium zeus 22
zeus from sea of care sculpture 4
george washington zeus hand 3
zeus of artemisium devouring his son 1
zeus cartoon thunderbolt 1
is zues a fallen angel 1

Aside from the searches that are definitely mythical or artistic in intent, there’s a bit of a trend noticeable, eh?

All this, and they still don’t add up to the number of times people have searched for words that rhyme with Jesus: 253 (and that’s only counting “rhymes with Jesus” “what rhymes with Jesus” and “words that rhyme with Jesus,” not other variations on the theme.)

“Shocked by the Bible” sits at 103. People are more curious about Mr. T (379).

Sir John. A. McDonald netted me plenty of hits since I’ve started my blog (500 or so) but Michaelle Jean ranks as the most popular of all with at least 3196. And while the Montreal Gazette is already complaining that David Johnston is lacking “star power” compared to Ms. Jean, who is on her way out of the Governer General’s seat, I’m curious to see if he’ll do something so outrageous during his term that he’ll pop her out of top place. I doubt it’s possible. She’s got a hell of a lead.

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