‘God was good all along the way …’ And doctors get zero credit in this story

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad this story isn’t ending with a tragedy. A sixteen year old kid should not be at risk of a stroke, especially one as fit as “Maddy Kaat, a three-sport athlete at Oostburg High School,” which is in Milwaukee. She was in the middle of volleyball practice when it became necessary to airlift her to hospital.

an MRI revealed the clot, said her mother, Shelly Kaat.

“As a mom I’m kind of (thinking), ‘Oh, come on, this is a pulled muscle,’ you know?” Kaat said. “She’s 16 — she’s not geriatric. Strokes don’t happen to 16-year-olds.”

But an unexpected development shortly after that MRI set Maddy quickly on the road to recovery, and by Tuesday afternoon she was personally reassuring her friends and family via Facebook. Word of her condition had spread quickly and spawned nearly 200 messages of support within less than 24 hours.

There’s a brief window allowed for injecting medicine that can break clots but in the end, it broke naturally. Naturally, God’s getting the credit for breaking it down just in time.

“God was good all along the way and gave us a lot of second chances,” Kaat said. “While we’re going through all this and she’s getting flighted out, there’s like 60 of her friends at our church having prayer for her, and I can only merit it to that.”

Right, not the coach who acted fast, not the people who flew her quickly to a hospital, not the MRI team that saw the problem and rushed her elsewhere, not every single doctor, nurse, and technician that worked their asses off to do all they could for this kid. Prayer and God. That’s what cured her.

That mentality makes me want to swear. A lot.

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