I wonder if Michael Lohan is going godly for the media attention

I don’t make a habit of looking for celebrity news on account of not really caring what mess they’ve gotten themselves into this time, but I found another reference to Lindsay Lohan’s dad and his insistence that God’s taking an active interest in Lindsay’s life.

“As you know, thank God, Lindsay was released from jail tonight. However, what what most don’t know is that her release wasn’t due to the efforts of any one person. She was released because that’s what God wanted.

I truly believe that God wanted to show Lindsay that Shawn Holley, Lou Taylor and Dina (the ‘machine,’ as Dina put it), failed her.

I’m guessing the “machine” might be the current court system that didn’t just give the girl a hug and a free pass.

God willing, Lindsay has seen the light, and hopefully, she will listen to her heart and God, rather than the ‘machine.’ Hopefully, she will go into a rehab NOW, to keep her freedom, to show the judge that she is serious and to make the decision that will truly change her life for the better.

I don’t know if the odds are on her side, with or without some deity’s “love.”

The reason I wonder about this story is not because I doubt Dad’s sincerity necessarily, but I do raise an eyebrow over his tactics. Talking about god seems to be one of the easiest ways to get a journalist’s attention, especially if it can be mixed with a story about a celebrity on a downward spiral from fame to doomed oblivion.

There’s no doubt Lindsay needs a swat upside the head and a lock down in some facility that won’t care how famous she is so long as they get paid to clean her up. And then perhaps she needs to be dropped on a little island somewhere with no phone, no access to illegal substances and no means of being on television. Then maybe she’ll finally find out who she is and what she wants from life. If she wants a life at all.

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