I’ll be scrapping Sounds of Sunday for a while

Heart’s not in it. There are a lot of bands I like worth showcasing so maybe I’ll pick this up again at some point. I do actually discover music on my own, you know. I don’t copy everything off friends and romantic partners…

I will say that I’ve borrowed what I could of Tom Waits’ music from the library now. Many early albums are not in our collection so that’s a bugger. I think I’m nutty enough about him to contemplate buying them if possible. I’ve also borrowed more Nick Drake, Boards of Canada, Buck 65 and Bob Dylan, too. I also bought that Morphine album – it was going to be part of the Man’s birthday gift in October but then he broke up with me five days before my birthday and walked out of here with only the things he loaned me. He’s lucky I didn’t just donate that shit to the library. They would have loved the Tom Waits book and those Bonobo albums.

I’m only partially joking; donations are a pain in the ass.

So yeah, done this for now, but maybe not for ever. Stay tuned, I guess.

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