God-fearing landlord can’t deny gays accomodation

Good news out of the North West Territories. The Human Rights Commission there agreed with Scott Robertson and Richard Anthony, and are making landlord Will Goertzen pay each of them $6,500 for damages.

In May 2009, the couple signed a one-year lease for the main floor of a rental house. Anthony’s sister and her son already lived in the basement suite.

The two men had already sold their house, but when Goertzen found out they were a gay couple he told them he wouldn’t honour the lease.

Goertzen readvertised the property three weeks before Robertson and Anthony were to move in. The men didn’t realize he had done so until Anthony saw the ad online.

The tribunal heard Goertzen referred to gay people as “an abomination and one of the reasons the world is going to hell in a hand basket.”

Goertzen has made an ass of himself but there are probably people who’ll be on his side in this, and that’s sad. He re-advertised the place without telling them, yet still had their advance rent cheque in his posession. The guys eventually did find somewhere else to live but see if you can tell what this means:

They obtained compensation for the difference in rent between Goertzen’s house and where they eventually moved. Goertzen was also ordered to return the two weeks advance rent.

Does this mean they get a deal on their rent forever if this new place costs more than Goertzens was going to be? Like their new landlord would be pleased about that. Maybe it’s just a one-time apology payment or something. It’s hard to tell by the way this is phrased.

Anyway, good for them. Landlords are allowed to ban smoking or pets or alcohol since they can be too problematic from a cleaning/damage standpoint. Plus, all that is optional lifestyle crap. As far as current science can determine, homosexuality is not a choice. It is their state of being and is just as valid a state of being as heterosexuality is for anyone else.

Good time to highlight this, I guess. I just heard about it the other day and I think it’s worth sharing. DEVIATE 2010 is running in Saskatoon the first weekend of October, put on by the Saskatoon Diversity Network, which I didn’t know existed. It’s a fundraiser event that bills itself as

one part sexual trade show, one part erotic entertainment expo and one part circuit party.

Anyone who knows who Nina Flowers is probably already knows she’ll be there performing with a DJ’d dance to follow. I’m thinking that might be something really, radically different from my usual. I should make my new year resolutions now to be radical and different and out in the world more doing cool shit and having fun. No more lonely nights in my little abode. I should aim for more action. I’m going to be 36 on Saturday, you know. Better late than never…

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