What qualifies as news

Seen here (Jesus toasters would have been worth writing about anyway), a screen cap from this morning’s “Breaking News” section.

How much of this is really newsworthy?

The Heidi Montag tragedy is what caught my eye first. Omigod, a bikini mishap! This Essential News Source felt obligated to tell the world about Heidi’s tit popping out.

The Kate Gosselin story is also annoying. Why did anyone ever watch her show? I never saw a moment of it. I think it’s terrible that having a large passel of kids was enough of a reason to build a show around these people and the Duggars are even more pathetic family show-offs. We really need to give a damn about the last thing Michelle found funny?

The only news in that list of interest to me winds up being the story about Derek Fenton, fired for burning the Koran.

On Saturday, the father of two told reporters he was exercising his right to protest by burning the Koran. Police who questioned him Saturday said, “He said, ‘This is America,’ and he wanted to stand up for it, in a Tea Party kind of way.” He was released without charges, but “looked nervous, like he was starting to think it wasn’t such a good idea.”

I’m going to quote from an article at Inquirer.net:

xenophobia isn’t new in American politics. In the 1850s, a nativist movement called for banning Catholic immigrants—mainly Irish—claiming that Catholics were taking over the government for the Pope. Adherents were called the Know-Nothings because when asked about their anti-immigrant American Party, they claimed to “know nothing” about it. Their counterparts today, however, literally want to know nothing, period.

Ignorance is widespread among the mostly white ranks of populist conservatism in this country, people who feel THEY are oppressed by minorities who “have been given more rights” and by liberals. Facts can’t alter their deeply held biases. All that conservative mainstream politicians need to do is reinforce their erroneous beliefs.

Thinking Obama isn’t American. Ignoring the differences between moderate and fundamentalist Islam. Social security concerns, illegal immigrants, unemployment benefits. People aren’t wanting to look for facts to base their beliefs on. They just want to believe and find the sources that will agree with them already. This is where much of the world is at now, and the rest of the world is looking for pictures of Heidi Montag.

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