I think people get too worked up over “gender bias”

Maybe I’m a weird woman but I don’t feel compelled to insist people change the spelling to womyn instead and rid the word of any “masculine” kinship it currently has. I’m not bothered by the generic “He” that gets used everywhere, either. I’m fine with person, mankind, humankind. I don’t see a reason to change any of that. I think it’s a waste of breath and brain time to even suggest it, let alone try and implement it.

So, here I find a story about a church in Scotland that has gone so far as to suggest priests completely avoid masculine references and make their sermons more fair and politically correct for womyn in their pews.

The church’s Liturgy Committee in consultation with the Faith and Order Board of General Synod and the College of Bishops has produced the new order of service, which can be used by priests if they have difficulties with a male God.

However, some senior religious figures have objected to the new form of words.

“It is political correctness,” the Scotsman quoted Rev Stuart Hall of the Scottish Prayer Book Society as saying.

“It is quite unnecessary. The word man in English – especially among scientists – is inclusive of both sexes.

“Those who try to minimise references to God as the Father and Christ as his Son have great difficulties, because the New Testament is shot through with these references,” he said.

It’s always been a paternal religion so to pretend it could be anything else is ludicrous, no matter how much they might want to try. Fathers, and men in general, were always the ones in charge of everything deemed important and always had control of everything to do with women, wives, and children. It doesn’t matter how touchy-feely-I-heart-Jesus! priests and pastors might want to make Christianity now, there’s no denying its dark, violent and oppressive past and its influence on culture and traditions and law making today.

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