So, Folkfest is running in Saskatoon

It’s a yearly city ritual to showcase the food, entertainment and general culture of countries around the world.

Last night I ate food from Hungary and listened to some traditional music from there. Then I popped over to the Asia exhibit to look around and watch what I think was a team from Taiwan manipulate a dragon across the stage. That was kind of cool actually – the lead guy had a ball on a stick and whatever way he duck and dove, the guy operating the dragon’s head would match the move and each guy behind would match and move his piece of the body around so the dragon would fly, twist, twirl, spin and nearly tangle itself up at some points. It was all done to the sound of some large kettle drum thing another guy was hammering on. After that bit of the show I went to the India pavilion to see the daughter of a lady at work do a dance number out of some Bollywood production. She had a really good time doing that, judging by the big smile on her face. One of the other girls looked like she’d been sent on stage under duress and wasn’t really keen to be there.

The night before I went to the Scottish Pavilion so I could get my fill of pipes and country dancing (was kind of dancing to the tunes myself, as I consider myself Scottish by appreciation) and bought myself some smokey bacon crisps and a can of Apple Tango drink. Before that, I sat at the Caribbean for an hour and watched the limbo girls, our local steel drum band and a troupe of Latino dancers (that was a fine show where I was sitting…mmm..mmm… mighty fine butt wiggling going on there…). And prior to that, I was at the Philippines exhibit for supper. I’d gotten there just as the place was opening up so there wasn’t much in the way of a line for the food.

While we waited to be served, we were greeted by somebody on stage who talked a bit about the culture of the Philippines and happened to mention it was the only Asian country that was nearly completely Catholic (she was wrong if Wikipedia is believable) and then she said the other 18% or whatever it was leftover had so far “resisted conversion.” Right there in the dinner line I started cheering. All by myself, cheering, “Resistance! Hooray!” — not loud mind you. I didn’t want to get booted out of line before I got fed. But I know a few people standing around me heard. I didn’t even care. I just liked how she phrased it, considering it wound up sounding like she disapproved of them. But how else could she introduce the traditional dancers from the part of the country that wasn’t chowing down on Jesus every day at Mass? I stayed to watch those dancers while I ate. There was some nice drum work for that, too.

There are more places I could go today but I think I’ve done enough world stuff. Time to focus on the home front and clean up after myself, get groceries and do a bit of other shopping. I realized last night that my best pair of shoes is in dire need of repairs and I want to check what kind of cost I’d be looking at to fix them. They’re so comfortable, I don’t really want to look around for a replacement that I may never like as well. If it’s more than the shoes are worth (as I discovered the day I wanted a new zipper put in a jacket..seriously? That much money to change a zipper? Passaroonie. I’ll use the snaps), I’ll rethink that notion. I’m just glad cobblers still find work. So much stuff these days seems designed to be tossed once busted. No wonder landfills overflow.

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